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I love eggplant and this looks really good for me to try..yummz
i think that eggplants are one the veggies that have been neglected and forgotten for such a long time for all recipes! im so happy to see that it's comin back noww :*)
@kristenadams that is true. it is one of my favorite veggies... I can just eat that all day :)
@OnLyTiM3CaNt3Ll those eggplants look so yummy!!! in that sauceeeee YUM!
you can also try it wz miso, mirrin, sugar, pepper. Mix these together and brush it over the eggplant in the last few minutes of baking. Just remember miso tastes bitter if on too high heat. This sauce I came up wz can also be used on fish and meat. Happy cooking !