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For the past couple of years, journalist and fans have been heavy critics of the Slam dunk contest.
I can see why though, as many of the games best dunkers don't participate in the contest. The days of superstars showcasing their amazing dunking ability in the contest are over. While I would love to see Lebron participate, I would rather see someone who wants to be apart have the slot, then see a half hearted effort from Lebron or any star.
This year, countless people critiqued this years crop of players who signed up as people barely knew who Will Barton, Aaron Gordon, Andre Drummond and Zach Lavine was.
After their performance on Saturday, everyone knows who they are now. This was arguably the best performance since Vince Carter performed in the contest 15 years ago.
For those who missed it or want to re-live the moment again, catch the video recap of the Slam Dunk contest above.

What was your favorite dunk from the Slam Dunk contest this year?

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@kyleberke I thought some of the dunks Gordon did the fans didn't even realize how dynamic they were
2 years ago·Reply
@kyleberke you would be surprised how many casual fans only watch and know big market team stars
2 years ago·Reply
@mchylang I agree, this was probably the best all-star weekend overall in like a decade. The 3 point shootout was a blast to watch also
2 years ago·Reply
@christianmordi I actually enjoyed watching the events, and I normally hate them. Klay Thompson had an epic run to take the three point crown.
2 years ago·Reply
great dunk contest this year!! how about towns winning the skills competition as a big man!! Gordon should have been the winner imo!
2 years ago·Reply