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I'm in love with my bestfriend's boyfriend. What should I do??
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I agree with the answers already given. I will only add that if you decide you just have to pursue this guy, you have to have a real & honest conversation with your best friend first. Come clean & do a lot of listening to her feelings and thoughts about it, without getting defensive. Hopefully she'll at least respect that so you can remain friends regardless of what happens with the boyfriend.
@atmi said it best, you need to respect your friend and your friendship. also giving yourself some space to think will help a lot. maybe don't hang out with them as much to help the feels go away
our heart can't lie about love but you can control your feeling by making yourself busy from thinking too much about it. respect your friendship first.. agree with @cindystran..unless he's leading you on. but wait..that make he cheating on your bestfriend right?.
@LillianHosier In this case, I would recommend not thinking about it too much unless he's leading you on. If that happens you should clear things out with him. Otherwise it might be too awkward for you and your friend!
a couple months ago and idk if he has feelings for me @cindystran
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