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Katie Holmes, like the rest of the world, loves Beyonce.
I mean, who can blame her? We have all been members of the Beyhive at one point in time in our lives. While on the Jimmy Fallon show last week, Katie professed her love for Beyonce with a passionate dance and song display.
The actress goes on to imitate some of Beyonce's infamous dance moves, although she quickly sits down from embarrassment, but with encouragement by Fallon she gives it a second try-- even doing some striking head poses a la Queen Bey.
I was shocked to see Katie let this one loose, but I guess when a Beyonce song grabs your spirit, you must share it to the masses.
Who knew Katie had moves like this though?
haha yeah I wouldn't call her impression spectacular, but she was having fun!
Nothing against her hahaahahaha
@nicolejb yeah, she just seems like a really big Beyonc茅 fan. I dig Katie Holmes though, she's awesome! Loved her on Dawsons Creek.. Very underrated show in my opinion, but that's another topic of discussion lol
I'm sorry but I have to say this. She's so white.
Funny. 馃榾