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This is the OST from KDrama ↝Heartstrings↜ back in 2011 . I really love this song, hope you enjoy too!
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@katyng52 I m here in my CN Blue card talking abt FT island...😜😜😜😜 but here is the link for FT Island song ↝I wish↜
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I will check them out~~😜
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OH!! I LOVE THIS DRAMA! It was one of my first. I was SO mad when Younghwa & Park ShinHye weren't together in the end of Your Beautiful 😡 Then I found this one and I was beyond happy~!!!! 😄😄😄 and Minhyuk was the cutest 😊😊
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@AlexisRiver We should write our own script... nvm... we will end up fangirling too much...😅😅😅😅
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He has a beautiful voice......but my favorite from Heartstrings is My Star that MinHyuk sings.
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