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The NBA all-star weekend was a blast.
The weekend is a rare moment the players really relax and answer a wide range of questions to journalists. One of the coolest questions asked to Lebron was: if you could play with any legend throughout history, who would it be?
Lebron answered the questions quickly and his answer surely surprised many.
Lebron selected Jason Kidd as the one player he would want to play with the most in a pickup basketball game.
His reply to why was simple: Jason Kidd is my choice due to his ability to find you.
I can't knock LBJ for this selection, as Jason was one of the best passers of all time. He pushed the ball in transition and made excellent passes with ease.

If you were to choose one legend, who would you like to see Lebron play with the most?

Imagine LeBron playing with Magic Johnson. Talk about frightening.
His Airness of course. I wouldn't mind playing the support role for MJ either.
Would love to play with Curry right now