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Original Card & Tagged By: @jessicaacosta90 Ok so going off of the whole "2PM & K-Pop don't exist" idea, lets see what I come up with.
1. Can I help you? 2. Nice to meet you, I'm Elise. Welcome to the neighborhood. 3. Thank you & apparently help yourself? 4. No worries, all good. 5. My answer would normally be no given we just met, but sure why not?
6. *See above* 7. *Going to assume this is after my classes* 8. *Awkward silence on my end for the most part* Not that I mind but... Are you always this talkative? 9. Sounds like this is normal 10. Weren't you the one scolding people for stealing chocolates?
11. So? Normal reaction to a hottie stealing my food. *stares at feet* 12. Aww! You mad because you didn't get first bite? 13. I'm glad you're amused at the situation 14. Weird... I'm missing something here. 15. How did I become a moving service employee?
16. Music? Must look, music is life. 17. Violence & a near death experience, think it's time to go now. 18. You planning on moving anytime soon? Thank you, & tmi not a question I needed to hear. 19. Jun. K... *See above* 20. Unusual but ok...
21. *I don't believe you but I'm going to be polite & not say anything* What was that for? *stares at feet* 22. You're welcome, I'm sure you will since we're neighbors. 23. *Really? After the kiss & wink?* It's late, you guys need time to get settled in. 24. SWEET MERCIFUL LEPRECHAUNS!! Are you trying to give me a heart attack? 25. Lord & Lady watch over me

Let me know if you do/do not want to be tagged in future cards

@jessicaacosta90 I had fun with this, can't wait for the next part!!
Yeeeee Buddyyyyy xD
@EliseB Yay! Glad you had fun ^-^