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Love Yourself. You Should. And You Can.

With so much sap out of the way, now that Valentine's Day is past us, I came to a stunning conclusion: LOVING YOURSELF ISN'T A REMEDY; IT'S A PRIORITY.
So that, when the days come and you're down and out, and then the other days when you're flying high, it won't matter what your circumstance is or who that person is trying to tear you down.
If we can't change our circumstances, we have the power to tune out the bad vibes that come from the people around us.
It starts by loving ourselves enough to know that WE HAVE VALUE and WE ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE!
There's enough problems coming in at us from every direction--don't be that person who believes the lies and becomes the person who rains on your own parade. When the rain comes, pack it up and dazzle others with your parade elsewhere.
Wishing you all a powerful, terrific, impactful 2016. We still have time people!