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Whaddup, ICF? I was just sifting through the dark corners of the internet when I found this R&M-themed webcomic by Joe Simonetti of Bartenerds. I feel like the 'Who should do a crossover with Rick & Morty?' discussion is actually pretty common. Everyone has an opinion of which show would be awesome for R&M to collaborate with, and I want to know yours.
Which TV show should do a Rick & Morty crossover? Should there be another 'Simpsons' one? Maybe 'Gravity Falls' (RIP!) should come back just for the occasion?
Personally, I think Rick should be helping Bob Belcher from 'Bob's Burgers' up his burger game by taking him through portals to collect all sorts of interdimensional ingredients.

Anyway, let me know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!

or even better berserker
fairy tail would be great or maybe project k
I would have liked to see a crossover with Gravity Falls but it ended and I'm so sad!!!!!
They visit alternate universes and travel all over the galaxy, too, so why couldn't they run into each other? I think it would be a great excuse for Futurama to come back!
The Venture Bros would be a great one to have a crossover with! Maybe Futurama?
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