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Jimmy Kimmel is a strange bird.
I hope he takes no offense to that statement, as many stars have a couple odd things going about them.
Random Jimmy Kimmel fact: he loves Lionel Ritchie. I mean, he really loves him.
In an effort to pay homage to the all-time great, Kimmel dressed up as Lionel while at the 2016 MusiCares Person of The Year event honoring Lionel Richie on Saturday.
On last Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the “Hello” singer revealed Kimmel knows way too much information about him. “You do not have any idea,” Richie told Jimmy Kimmel’s audience. “This guy knows more about my life. We were at a party one night, and he’s sitting there, and he starts telling me about every detail of my career. He knows about “We Are the World,” he knows the details behind “We Are the World.” He knows The Commodores, he knows every detail about The Commodores…I thought to myself — this is a weird guy.”
Above is the video of Lionel celebrating his big moment. Hopefully this is the last time we see Kimmel donning a Lionel Richie white and gold jumpsuit and a badass afro.