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Through this entire event if you feel comfortable you can private message me any other confessions you have about Kpop and I will publish them anonymously at the end of the event!

My most embarrassing bias has got to be Kevin from UKiss because he's not my type AT ALL.

I tell people I love Kevin and they're like...srsly? You like...Kevin?

He's just so sweet! I can't get over him!

Who is the bias you're most secretive about ;D

Tell us in the comments!

Tagging everyone who was interested!
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Suho. But I love him and I'm proud of it. But idk most of my friends that know exo are like really? 12 good looking guys and you choose the one that looks so normal 😑
tbh it depends on who I'm talking about kpop to... if its to any relative or family friend, I try not to even mention kpop. But if it somehow came up, Amber from f(x) because they misgender her, and finding out that she's actually a girl isn't an "oh, sorry" moment to people who are really stuck in the past and are against things like LGBT. They're the type to believe that girls must be pretty and lady like, and guys must be tough and strong. if its to a classmate or fellow peer, I don't like mentioning it either, because pEOPLE ARE REALLY JUDGEMENTAL WtAF. But if it came up, GDragon and T.O.P. I get enough critisism about listening to foreign music as it is, so if people found out that I bias 2 korean rappers in their late 20s, they'll think I'm beyond insane. amongst my kpop friends? I have no shame in admitting any of my biases.
I don't have an embarrassing bias, I love them and I'm proud 😊😁😁
@BlackJackXXX I think Rapmon is beautiful inside and out! I mean those damce moves and dimples sell it for me
It would probably have to be BTS's V for me. Not so much that I should be embarrassed for loving him, but for being 14 years older than him. I tried to not love him but it didn't work! Most of the really young ones (especially those that look even younger than they are) I can appreciate and love with the affection of a friend/aunt. Not so with V! This noona loves him so much and thinks our babies will be pretty (from him) and nerdy (from me)! ❀
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