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so ive been depressed for about 2 weeks.and it's got worse.i ran away from my own house and my family went crazy, I almost drank bleach but my friend Bella stopped me in time. I've been kind of relying on K-pop to keep my feelings up! and it's helped me I found a new group:f(x) plus my B-Day is in like 20 days!
so this was me about 4 weeks ago! (I'm the one in the glasses)this is when I was happy! I was talking to my crush a lot more and I got a A on a math test! things were great but then they went down
I posted this on my instagram saying I'm looking to the more darker side.and I really was...
my family is really trying to help me but it's not really working!we don't know the reason why I'm acting like this but we're getting help! And u guys r probably wondering why would she make a card about this? because u guys r like my 2nd family that's why.
we're all here for you! thanks for remembering we're your family too^^
1. You're cute 2. you're good at math 3. you're so young! right now you're at a time in your life when SO many things are out of your control (even down to what you eat for dinner most nights lol) but if you can make it through (and you CAN make it through) to the point where you can make your own decisions you'll find that life is AWESOME. Its just a pain to get through the beginning years but trust me once you're calling all the shots you'll be so so so much happier.
We are all here for you sweetie
@agirlwholovesV I'm a roller coaster of emotions I'm also very sensitive we are here for you. Kpop helps me a lot with it, I kinda consider it like my happy drug because it makes me feel better it brings me up. f(x) is a great group my favorite is Amber she's like the female Jackson and funny and crazy always putting a smile on my face. Hope things work out for the best for you.