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Let's adore some Changjo-Ricky moments together shall we?
Changjo is the smoothest haha
pic 1&2: they were recording their practice and all the hyungs told changjo to stay and finish up and Ricky waited for him!! too cute!!! pic 5: lol Changjo's face is like where do you think you're going?! pic 10: ok so we get to see some chunjoe as well In this. all the jealousy of the Boyfriend's in this one! ljoe and changjo are like 'what the hell?!' NAP could give less f*cks cause their significant others are safe haha
pic 1-4: jelly Ricky! pic 6-10 these kids can't keep their hands off each other!!!
pic 3-4: changrick completely ignoring the rest of the 4 members to talk to each other haha pic 6-10 Changjo stealing Ricky's pen. so flirty!!
they play so well together haha. Ricky is cute without doing that stuff lol he can't help his cuteness!!
ok I saved the best for last!!!! ^^^ this is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Changjo's sly smile after he teases Ricky the first time is like 'you know you like it ;)' then he goes back again?!?! these boys will be the death of me. cuteness overload!!!
hope you enjoyed angels!! xoxo please vote for teen top on show champion tonight!!! if you want to be tagged in future cards just let me know!! ♡♡♡
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teen top slowly teaching of how to be slick around our crushes lol