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[VK Confessions] Embarrassing Moments!

Our very existence is embarrassing hahahahah

Also, through this entire event if you feel comfortable you can private message me any other confessions you have about Kpop and I will publish them anonymously at the end of the event (TOMORROW!)

In French class in high school we had to write an essay about someone we admire and I totally wrote about Key from SHINee...

Anyway, my teacher thought I did the best (grammar-wise..idt story-wise haha) and made me READ IT IN FRONT OF THE CLASS.
Obvs people knew he was a kpop idol since it was from me but OMG WHY MME PAUL, WHY?!

So what's your most embarrassing moments?

Tell us in the comments!

Thanks for celebrating VK Confessions with me^^

Tagging everyone who was interested!
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I was in geometry class and my alarm which was Kara's Mr. went off literally it was one of the most embarrassing moments I had in high school
2 years agoReply
one time I was in class and i was listening to bulletproof and when they said Bulletproof I yelled it and got stared at by everybody
2 years agoReply
I was driving with the windows down and my radio was turned up really loud. I think I was listening to Good Boy by GDXTAEYANG and the people at the stoplight next to me started laughing at me.
2 years agoReply
I did my News Paper English assignment on f(x)'s album, concert, and how Sulli left and my teacher wanted to publish it... I said no
2 years agoReply
I always embarrass myself in public when I fangirl over k-pop.. And believe me when I tell you.. When I fangirl, I don't do it quietly.. Lol
2 years agoReply