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Our very existence is embarrassing hahahahah

Also, through this entire event if you feel comfortable you can private message me any other confessions you have about Kpop and I will publish them anonymously at the end of the event (TOMORROW!)

In French class in high school we had to write an essay about someone we admire and I totally wrote about Key from SHINee...

Anyway, my teacher thought I did the best (grammar-wise..idt story-wise haha) and made me READ IT IN FRONT OF THE CLASS.
Obvs people knew he was a kpop idol since it was from me but OMG WHY MME PAUL, WHY?!

So what's your most embarrassing moments?

Tell us in the comments!

Thanks for celebrating VK Confessions with me^^

Tagging everyone who was interested!
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I was on the bus when my friend decided to send me a picture of Jay Park SHIRTLESS and I like squealed and dropped my phone and this really cute guy picked up to hand back to me and looked at the pic! I was so embarrassed!!!
My story is kind of long, so sorry about that in advance... First, some background: As some of you K-Pop fans may know, Aron is from Los Angeles where he attended Loyola High School. What you probably don't know is that Loyola is actually an all-boys Catholic (Jesuit to be exact) school. I only know that because I'm also from L.A. & attended Catholic school for most of my schooling life. Truthfully, I was excited when I found out that a celebrity & a K-Pop idol of all things was a fellow L.A. Catholic school attendee even if I had no interest in his group & could barely remember his name at the time. Anyways, having been in the Catholic school system for so long, I of coarse know someone who went to Loyola. Specifically, my friend's younger brother & like any normal person, I HAD to ask him if he knew this "idol group kid"... As it turn's out, Aron is my best friend's younger brother's friend's older brother's friend. Okay, now on the the real story: About 2 or 3 years ago, my family & I went on our annual trip to Hawaii to visit relatives. One of the places we frequent while we're there is a market in Waikiki where we usually go to pick up water & snacks & such. Anyways, just past the check out lanes is a little store that used to be a Hello Kitty Store (not Sanrio, the sign actually said "Hello Kitty Store" XD), but in the past few years changed into something of a Hallyu shoppe. They sell dramas, CDs & various things with K-idols & actors' pictures on them in addition to other Asian'y type trinkets. So, one day my grandmother was taking a while to check out, so my mom & I went to the store to look around for a bit. We browsed while my mom asked me questions about various groups in the pictures & such. Eventually she found something, so we went to the counter to pay & above the counter was a signed NU'EST poster. Me: That's the group with that kid from Loyola. Mother: ??? Me: Remember I told you there was a kid in one of these groups who went to Loyola with [friend's brother's name]? Mother: Oh, yeah, you did. Me: His name is Aron or something.... *points* I think it's that one. *mutters* The one who drew the stupid heart on his face. (Aron had drawn a heart on his cheek.) Mother: *tells me to not be so snarky* Lady behind counter: *notices me pointing* Do you like NU'EST? Me: Um, well, I don't really follow them, but we're from L.A. there's a kid in the group who when to the same school there as someone we know . . . I think his name is Aron. Lady: Yes, he's my nephew. Me: O_O *Ho $hit, I hope she didn't hear that snipe about the heart!!* We then talked for a little bit as my mother made her purchase She told me how Aron is really smart (I figured because Loyola is a good school) & how he gave/sent her the poster. She was nice, but I bolted as soon as my mom was done; I was still paranoid about the heart comment. ><;;;
So once in my second period biology class, my alarm went off. I have a song as my alarm, and incredibly, the song is Mommae by Jay Park. So right when I heard my alarm blast, I sat there for like 2 minutes just wondering "who is playing that? who in here listens to Jay Park other than me??" then I had realized, and everyone was just staring at me like I was listening to some devil's sacrifice or some shit.
Getting caught doing the dance from mansae in the parking my boss.
when I was driving home from work and had History- Might Just Die blaring through my speakers. was at a stop sign and happened to look over and saw 2 Asians smiling at me and bobbing there head. I was embarrassed and blushed hard my face was cherry red lol
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