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Omg I feel like this is one of my favorite RPG games in my opinion better than witches house, and other rpg games I've played Wishing that she had never even existed, Mishiro Usui threw herself into the lake. When she came to, she was in the Mirror World, a place neither heaven nor hell. There, her reflection instructed her: "Find the mirrors in this world, and break them." WARNING: This game features many dark themes, with a particular focus on suicide
it was a game that had horror and gore, and as we all know it's nice to have horror and gore
and it was filled with so much mystery. And that satisfying feeling near the end where everything starts to add up!
aside from the mystery and gore it had such a fulfilling message about life at the end. and honestly the true ending, at the end when she sees the painting. It brought tears to my eyes yes I d.a started crying it was so ridkej f ksjd but like not crying in a bad sad way, crying in a good way. It was a truly wonderful ending!
if you haven't played it then give it a shot though it is a little bit tricky! and even if you cant play it watch a game play or something. Someone that has the true ending There are 5 endings. Though I reccomend getting the True ending first, which you get by obtaining ALL of Ryotaro's AND Yuzu's mirrors. BOTH of them. if you want you can explore the other endings after that. but honestly I highly reccomend this game I'm still crying rn it met all the expectations you can have for an rpg game and in my opinion kinda exceeded it. It had major gore, horror, jump scares, those random periods of times when you're being chased (u kno the one) so I reccomend it to those who like those types of games it was also a VERY dark game with dark situations that people don't really pay attention to. and like I said before there is soo much mystery and it's like a puzzle u have to peice together. but overall it still had a really good message in life and how u should live it.
I realized I didn't talk about the plot. Sorry for getting ahead of myself it's about a girl commited suicide that got sent into this mirror world, the only problem is she doesn't recall her memories. The whole point of the mirror world is to grant you your greatest wish. In which you complete by finding mirrors that contain your memories, you're slowly peice by peice recovering your memories and finding out the reason for your death and how you died. also.. you have to kill yourself in order to break the mirror, which breaking the mirror is also necessary for achieving your goal.