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So it's safe to say I hated my high school statistics class. My teacher made horrible puns, organized complex projects with impossibly short deadlines, and well, made the class just all-around boring. (You know those teachers. They're the ones who mean well, but are just... so... dry.)
But not all statistics classes are alike. One statistics college professor has officially gone viral thanks to their fun (but still pretty difficult!) extra credit questions.

How would YOU have been able answer?

Okay, if you couldn't answer this one, I'm judging you a little.

The sad part about this one is how they don't get the extra credit despite the adorable amount of effort.

I would not have gotten this one at all. I guess being a film buff has its rewards!

Oh, hey. Looks like we finally found TuPac.

Any time anyone uses 'sp?', that's an automatic LOL from me.

8 seasons?! Holy cow. I wonder if the teacher actually knew that one off the top of their head.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Did you have a fun teacher growing up? Or were you plagued with a whole bunch of dull? Let me know in the comments below!
i ever do them cause hen i get in trouble for doing them dont know why
in high school, my senior year english teacher told us that if we didn't know the answer to a test question, we could just doodle and if she liked the doodle wed get half credit. let's just say they're were many doodles that were drawn but luckily i was good at doodling haha
I'm always a teachers fav so I get free stuff when the other students aren't around I'm good 😊😊😊
I've had a few really good teachers. I think my favorite from high school was my geography teacher. He made everything fun. I skipped a lot of school in my freshman year, but I always made sure I was in his class, which was right before lunch. At the end of the year, he had everyone choose a country, and make and bring in a dish or 2 from that country. I chose India, and made my 2 favorite dishes; Chicken Makhani and Gulab Jamun, (fried cheese balls in a simple syrup). In college, I had a wonderful automotive teacher that treated me like one of the guys. We became good friends after I left the school when I had my daughter. We still kinda keep in touch, even though he has quit teaching and has settled down with his own family.
Yes I had a fun teacher or should I say teachers! One would bring snacks in for us and the other we got to through parties.
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