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Stop the snow from falling! *sigh* So I live in NW Indiana where it is a high of 27 and snowing! Needless to say, I am cold and not happy!
Bright side, Granny and I finished Season 2 and the first movie of InuYasha!
Over half way though the movie Grandpa Higurashi is praying "Great spirit of the sky, stop the snow from falling!" So with it being hella cold outside it only seems logical Granny and I join in right?
Lol! So Granny and I sat at the table, watching InuYasha: Affections to Transcend Time and chanting "Oh Great Spirits of the Sky! Stop the snow from falling!" Until my mom came out and yelled at us to get lives. 😂
Outcome: We still have no lives and it is still bloody snowing! And we're like Kagome like "Snow! Y U NO STOP!" Maybe we need to do it longer than 10 minutes? 😁
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