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If you thought your home was a safe place for you and your honey to let your freak flags fly, you might want to think again - especially if either of you are low-key running from the law!
A couple from Fort Smith, Arkansas learned their lesson after a kinky Valentine's Day weekend, when 21-year-old Dustin Taylor called 911 after being stuck in a pair of novelty handcuffs since the night before. (Allegedly, someone somewhere lost a key. Safety first, folks!)
When the police ran a routine search on Dustin's name in their database, they found that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest due to 'criminal mischief'. Needless to say, when they finally arrived to help him out of his handcuffs, they slapped a new pair on and escorted him to jail.
Obviously, local media had a field day with this story, but when interviewed, Sergeant Daniel Grubbs, a spokesperson for the Fort Smith Police, admitted he actually felt kind of bad for the guy:

"I sort of wish the guy had invested in an extra handcuff key."

The moral of the story? Keep an eye on your keys, folks. You'll never know when they'll be exactly what'll save your butt.
So what do you guys think? Still willing to bust out the handcuffs someday? Let me know your thoughts about this story in the comments below, and for more weird (but true!) stories about love, feel free to follow my Crazy Stupid Love collection!
Hahaha I was going to say, they just need to handcuff the handcuffs and then he'll be embarrassed for life! @RobertHughes
@shannonl5 Naw...the only people who saw were my husband and the responding officer.
handcuff key in the paracord bracelet, problem solved
At least I didn't have warrants to worry about.
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