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Curtis Stone is actually one of my favorite chefs, and he is from Australia. I got to know him watching Jamie Oliver's videos, and hes definitely easy on the eye ; )
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Pasta and chorizo! Yessss! I want!
@YinofYang i wonder how must it taste like, the rich spicy flavors from the chorizo with the soft pasta!!! yum yum yummmm
@miranpark88 I bet it's fantastic! Oh, which reminds me. You mentioned coconut rice once. Did you eat that in Peru a lot? Do you have a recipe? (O_o)
@YinofYang i'm actually curious myself! i saw Jamie Oliver making those all the time! So I'm always curious of how it owuld taste like! he keeps saying "that fluffy beauuuuuuutiful coconut rice" hahahahahahah
@miranpark88 Ohhh, I see. Nice! Lol! It sounds awesome!