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using pan + oven! are those the best looking steaks ever or whaaaat!
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so which part of the cow that you think would give the best steak? hmmmm
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That's why ribeye steaks are so popular. They have that marbling and fat that definitely gives it some extra flavor. Hm @miranpark88 I'll see if there are any, but you're so good at finding videos that I'm sure you'll find one also. I do love my steaks on the grill. Nothing quite like it. :D Now, I live in Chicago, but I was raised in Texas and we take our steaks seriously. For @miranpark88 @nollakolla @robertlam @sofiamuller758 @Tapsamai Here is a guide to the different cuts of steak and how they rate against another http://www.seriouseats.com/2011/03/the-four-high-end-steaks-you-should-know-ribeye-strip-tenderloin-t-bone.html
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OH MY GOD those ends look absolutely dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! specially the tenderloin.....
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i'm surprised you use the oven
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@curtisb steaks that are really thick are cooked in the oven to keep that tenderness of the meat but still have a crispy layer with a little bit o fat
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