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My gorgeous Ultimate Group revealed the name of their Fandom! I mean obviously Seyoungie refers to me as



Sangminnie Refers to me as


but they came up with a name for their fandom. Pretty happy for everyone who supports my husband and Boyfried.

*No I'm not mental*

**They are in love with me, they just don't know it yet**

Anywho! My Fandom is now known as . . . Drumroll Please!

*Had to Update this. It took forever to find my card. I Apologize!!***

♡ CandY ♡

Honestly I was not expecting this name, but I think it's sweet. I love it and I will forever support my babies. Sangmin! You were ready for me to announce, I am sorry it took so long, I just needed to Gush on you and Hubby first. Shin quit with your Condescending look. Takuya & Casper, you two need to stop with the unamused looks and love me for gushing about you guys mkay? Let's let go of the judgy eyes and appreciate me for a second. Seyoungie sweetheart, I will put you in the dog house if you keep looking at me like that. *No more sandwiches for you buddy, your sandwich eating privileges are terminated. I am not making you another sandwich unless you smile at me* Yongseok, thank you and Sangminnie for smiling at my announcement; unlike your savagery of brothers around you.

CandY defines further into (C)ross Gene (and) (Y)ou

Tagging my Yaks:

@AimeeH we can be their true destiny though. LMAO but either way I love it.
So we're their Destiny. I like this. Does that mean we can call ourselves Destiny genes? LOL
@MadAndrea Yeass!! I love it!
@AimeeH Awh that's a hundred times cuter lol
@AimeeH Ah, that makes sense. What is it now?
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