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Though this was an old episode it was just too epic for me to not make a card about it lol. On this particular eps of Barefoot friends, the team traveled to Indonesia. They had to live a day as an ordinary person, earning money for their meals and accommodation. Among the team, Kim Hyun Joong earned the most amount of money. This is not surprising as he was carrying huge basket of fruits and doing a lot of labor work until late at night. (He ended up sharing part of his earnings with UEE, after her complimenting that he's her ideal type). It must be very tiring though (look at his face). There was a point when he exploded and threw his hat on the floor because other members kept teasing while watching him do the work. This just caused everyone to burst into even louder laughter. Oh poor boy. After experience the tough labor work, Hyun Joong reflected on himself and said that he was grateful to be an artist as it was much easier. Hah!
@winterlovesong well i would choose the younger one but since they are the same age i cant even thinking about choosing one ,cause YSY smart and cute and funny and KHJ tall with perfect abs and muscler hahaha HBU?? if u were asked to choose one?
@reyam what if you are asked to choose one?!?! haha
@winterloesong yeah I know different countries stilli think YSY did a big effort even in carring fruit ..the both handsome and hardwoerker both are my bias 馃槝
@reyam YSY's cycling was Vietnam! This one was Indonesia ^^ but both did a great job~ (what I would do to get YSY cycle me around though sighs) @josebethdua haha agree. there's nothing that can make Hyunjoong less handsome.
i really love him so much..i hope i can help him to carry those heavy basket of fruits.hehe.but still he is so handsome while his carrying those basket. . saranghae oppa.
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