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Its time for you daily editon of the kpop times. I have alot of intresting news for you guys that include alot of EXO updates that may shock you. I hope you enjoy today's editon.

Chanyeol's Attempts To Talk To Stalker Fans!!

This has been an growing issue for EXO's Chanyeol that has only gotten worse. Chanyeol finally decided that enough was enough and he posted the picture above(the app is Kakao Talk) to show how many texts and phone calls have been blocked by him. He pleads with his fan to stop invading his privacy. "Stop!!!!!!!!!" wrote Chanyeol on Instagram. "Stopitstopitstopitstopitstopit." The post was later deleted. EXO fans tried to reassured him but I think Chanyeol has had enough.
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What Do You Think Of These Fans? Are Their Behavior Acceptable Or Just Plain Crazy??

EXO Chants "One Step Back" At Vancouver Concert!

When I saw this story I literally couldn't believe it. During EXO's concert on last Friday, members had to repeatdley ask fans to take one step back from the stage for saftey reasons. EXO had to literally start a chant during the concert two times to urge fans to leave breathing space. Baekhyun even said to the audience "People who are in the very front, I think at least 50 people are going to the Emergency Room. You know what? People standing at the back are going to see us better than you guys [in the front.]... But because you're all packed in the very front, I feel like you can't see very well. So for your safety, can you just take one step back? One step back again please?" This is embarrassing for all North American K-pop fans because this might affect if other Kpop groups even come to America.
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What Do You Guys Think Of This Situation?

Kris Taking Over The World!!!

This article basically talked about seven ways Kris is taking over the world. I'm going name 3 reasons that were the most interesting to me
1. The first reason has to do with his acting. He released 7 films last year where 3 have become box hits. Kris is currently filming in Toronto, Canada for the Hollywood action film “xXx3: The Return of Xander Cage.” He’ll be acting alongside huge stars such as Vin Diesel, Nina Dobrev, Samuel L. Jackson, Donnie Yen, and Tony Jaa. It’s set for release in 2017. Kris has also been confirmed for his second international film role in the upcoming European film “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.”
2. Another reason dealt with his music career which has been booming. He released 4 singles, all self written and composed, in 2015 that reached 10 million views in the first hour of the release. His singles include "Time Boils The Rain” (Tiny Times 3 OST), “There is a Place” (Somewhere Only We Know OST), “Bad Girl”, and “Greenhouse Girl” (Mr. Six OST). This year he says he will focus more on his music.
3. Now I didn't know this but Kris is on a fashion rise. Last year he was invited to 2015 Met Gala in New York which only allows people who wear the craziest, most outlandish, most expensive clothes. Kris announced on the Chinese show “Day Day Up” that he is preparing to release his own clothing brand. On the show he brought out caps that he personally designed to give away to the audience. Kris explained that the design looks like YF, which represents his name Yi Fan.
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What Do You Think Of Kris's Rising Fame?

Another Fandom War{EXO vs. Big Bang}

Gaon, Korean's premier music charting source, is investigating alleged vote rigging for their upcoming Gaon Chart K-pop Awards.The issue came to light after EXO fans noticed a strange surge in voting between 3 and 5am KST on February 11. At first EXO was in the lead while Big Bang was in second, however after 5am Big Bang had jumped up the list with 75% of the votes. When EXO fans inquired about the sudden change, Gaon returned with news of Big Bang's Chinese fandom participating in unfair voting practices. It turned out that an area in China was participating in unfair voting methods. Online, many were quick to praise EXO fans for catching the suspicious chart behavior, and also to talk down about Big Bang's Chinese followers. With the issue finally being solved, fans can look forward to Gaon Kpop Awards taking place on Feb. 16.
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Taeyang Apologizes For An Unique New Year's Greeting

So when I read this story I honestly couldn't stop laughing, I know that probably sounds bad but I'm black and I just couldn't help but laugh at what Taeyang did. While recording his greeting celebrating the Year of the Monkey, Taeyang used an application that transforms the user's face into that of a celebrity. Taeyang combined his features with those of Kanye West and relayed his new year greeting, seemingly unaware of the racist history of equating black people to monkeys. After people raged at him because of his post he deleted the clip and posted an apology saying that he is sorry and that he will never do something like this ever again.
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Do You Think He Was Wrong For What He Did? Why or Why Not?

Daily Dose Of Kpop Memes!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this editon!!! Tell me your favorite article and let me your thoughts on it! I want to know what you guys think of it!
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