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You woke up to a text from your mother, It reads,
" Hey Sweetie, Me and your father are almost there. We'll be there in about 3-4 hours. Can't wait to meet your boyfriend!"
Your face looked puzzled as you get up and look through your closet, You wore a white shirt, red converse, skinny jeans and a gold watch. You loved the outfit and apparently, So does Namjoon. As you look in the mirror, fix your shirt and do things with your hair. You see him back hug you as he kisses your right shoulder. You blush as you hold his hands, Which felt dry. You let go of him and grabbed the lotion.
"What are you doing?" He asks you with concern.
You squirted (Dont be dirty >.<) some lotion onto your hand and start to rub it against his hands. He looked up at you with a smirk as he doesn't break eye contact. You look deeply into his eyes as you laced your fingers with his. He raises his hand against his nose and sniffs.
"This smells good. What scent is this?"
You looked at the bottle and told him, "Vanilla scented. Do you like it?"
He nods with a smile on his face as you look at his lips. He kisses your hand as he stares into your eyes.
"Oh Oppa, My parents will be here in a few hours so go and get dress, Remember your making a good impression!' You demanded him.
He smirks as he puts his hands on your hips and his forehead rests against yours. He tells you in his deepest voice, " I like it when your independent and dominant, I find it sexy."
You giggle and blush as you push him away shyly. You go into the kitchen and grab an apple. As you bite into it, Namjoon walks towards you and bites into the other side of the apple. He strokes the left side of your face as he pulls away some of your hair behind your ear.
You blush as he whispers, " Will you be my Snow White?"
You nod in response as you act like the pure sweet princess. You purposely and slowly collapse on the floor and lay there with the apple in your hand. He kneels down as he picks you up bridal style. He brings you the bedroom and sets you down on the bed. You still have your eyes tightly shut, You felt him lean in as his hand touches your right shoulder. His lips met yours and sparks were flying. Even though the kiss was short and blissful, You cherished it.
"My prince, You have saved me." You squeled as you immediately hug him. His hands were touching your back as he lays next to you. You felt his sweet lips touch your forehead, For once in your life, You felt special.
His hand starts to rub your stomach, Which made you flinch.
"Awww, Someone's ticklish." He says while doing aegyo.
He gives you the most suspicing smirk ever as his hands slowly touch your arm. He pushes you back as he sits on top of you. You have a weird thought in your head, Thinking if he wants to do it. But it was the complete opposite from that.
He starts to poke your sides as his other hand tickles your stomach. You start to shed tears of laughter as you bury your head into your pillow. You see him looking down at you with a smile as stands up. He kisses your hand like a princess before walking away.
As you sit there alone, You look through your phone as you have your earbuds in your ears. You look through your SoundCloud account as you think of what song you want to listen too. You didn't know either whether to play "Red Light" by f(x) or "Bounce" by Boyfriend. You played the Eenie Meanie Mo game and it came to conclusion that "Red Light" is the winner. You started to play the song and lip sync all the lyrics and put your hand near your mouth as if it were a microphone. You mimic every move that Amber Unnie does live. You loved Amber, She was your inspiration for looks, singing ability and you loved how she likes to show her true colors, She's not afraid to be a tomboy and not to look like her fellow members or other female icons.
As you doing their choreography, Namjoon happened to walk in on you posing. You get embarrased and start to turn red as you hide your face by stuffing a pillow into your bare face. You hear him quietly laughing as he clears his throat loudly,
"How do I look?" He asks you with wonder. You threw the pillow away from you and your jaw has dropped down to the floor. You looked up and down his body to see his outfit, He wore a basic black tee with a pair of black jogger/pants, a black cap, converse, and a bracelet with a set of earrings. You loved how basic and simple the outift looked. But when he wore it, He just looked good in it. Like you couldn't take your eyes off of him.
He smirks as he cleans off his shoulder like he's a billionaire, He looks at your mouth which was open but only a little, "Someone's drooling over me..." He jokes.
You laugh as you demanded him, "Oppa, I love your outfit. But remember you have to make a good impression on my parents, Now go change into something more decent. What if they take us out for dinner or something?"
He sighs heavily as he walks away. You turned on the TV and decided to watch some movies but before you can even look through your options, He comes back with a better and more decent outfit. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a necklace, and a white hoodie covered by a gray blazer.
You stand up and start to fix his blazer collar as you squel, "Awww Oppa, You look very manly today."
"Why thank you."
You blush as you look at your phone, You had received a text,
"Hi Darling, Your father and I had just arrived at the airport and were heading to your house, See you soon!"
You felt a ball of air had escaped from your lungs. You look at Namjoon who was shocked. He holds your hand as he tries to comfort you,
"What's Wrong Baby Girl? Do you need mouth to mouth? Do you need water? A First-Aid Kit?"
You giggle as you poke the tip of his nose, "Nope, But my parents are heading over right now so don't be all acting sexy or romantic when they get here. Okay?"
He smiles as he gives you the thumbs up. But by the look of his eyes, You can tell he was thinking of something. He grinds up against your body as he whispers,
"Well they ain't hear yet. Why don't we have some fun and relax."
You pushed him away as you go and sit on the black leather couch and turned on the TV. He immediately jumps on the couch next to you as his arm wraps around you. He steals the remote away from you as he changes the channel to the one of the best TV shows ever, "Running Man" Episode 161, The BigBang Special.
As you fangirl over all of the members, GD's adorable smile, TOP's handsome looks, Daesung and Taeyang's eye smiles and Seungri's clever words. You can tell he got jealous because he immediately changes the channel to sports, You steal the remote away and change it back. He looks at you with funny eyes as you stretch you arm as far from possible as he tries to grab it. You stuff it in your bra as you look into his eyes.
He laughs as he says, "Oh, So we're gonna be like that now...I see how it is."
He starts to slip his hand into your shirt as he starts to kiss you seductively. But until....
He immediately gets up as you take out of the remote, You both hold each others hand as he opens the door to see your parents standing there smiling,
"Hi sweetie!!" You parents yell, "Hi Mom, Hi Dad."
They both hug you tightly as Namjoon stands there awkwardly. Both of your parents look at Namjoon as he shuts the door.
He smiles as he greets properly, "Hello, Mr and Mrs. (Whatever your last name is)"
They both greet him as your father shakes his hand and your mother pinches his cheek as if she were his grandma. They both walk into the kitchen as you look into Namjoon eyes, "Are you ready?"
"I'm ready if you are Babe." He whispers.
I hope you enjoyed the story!!! Remember if you want to request a fanfic, You can tell me don't be scared, I don't bite >.< Sorry if the story was short!!! I'll make it up to everyone.
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