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Every one knows my love for B2ST and how I support them in anything. lately Hyunseung has been in the spot light for many things. missing a fan meeting, following somethings on Instagram, and now falling asleep during an interview. Some understand that these boys work so hard that they have a hard time to sleep for a good few hours. Then there are others that see it seems if he is doing this as if he doesn't care. truthfully I'm one of those fans that worry so much of how they are doing. B2st hasn't been active in the Kpop scene because they are working hard with the jpop scene. of course some of the members are flying back and forth between Korea and Japan. they don't have time to stop and sleep before they're schedule. please be considere how much these boys work for us B2UTIES. Sorry for ranting just tried of how others are treating this boys. not only them but the other groups that I listen to as well. here is the article if you want to read about it.
awww man...people need to think before they speak. if their Oppa fell asleep they would be defending them too. as for fans that are judging him, how would they like to be in his shoes? would they stay awake after working as hard as him and the rest of Beast do every day? So many bands work nonstop like Beast and I'm sure that many times people we're fighting sleep.
I have been wanting to put something about how some fans go to far. Like I love listening to EXO but their fans at times go to far
every fandom has it's idiots.