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Are you more of an country on the streets, R&B in the sheets kinda person? Well, the grammy winners were all types of people with a variety of love life experience, and a lot of their songs reflect their diverse view of relationship.
It's up to you now to determine what type YOU are, and reflect on how that comes off in your love life!

Take the quiz below to find out!

What do you wear on an average day?
a. Lots of colors and skirts!
b. T-shirt and jeans for me please.
c. I like looking classy, in a nice suit or blazer
d. Depends on the day.
What type of music do you like?
a. I like anything, but mostly pop!
b. Acoustic stuff mostly.
c. Anything upbeat!
d. Innovative rap & hiphop.
What's your ideal valentine gift?
a. A trip to somewhere tropical!
b. A sweater for your cat
c. Snazzy brand-name shoes
d. A biography of someone that inspires you
How would you describe yourself in your friend group?
a. I'm the leading lady of my crew
b. I'm the loyal and nice one, everyone can count on me
c. I'm the life of the party!
d. I don't have friends, too busy with my art.

------------RESULTS - Count up your results!---------------

Mostly As

Your love life is primarily hanging with your girls and working on your career. Though we do hear a lot about your awesome love affair every now and then.

Mostly Bs

Ed Sheeran
You are a down-to-earth person just working on being a better person. Not many people know if you are in a relationship or not because you are too busy keeping your core group of friends close.

Mostly Cs

Bruno Marz
You and your SO are both glamorous and awesome. You are always down to dress up and show up, at any awesome fancy party.

Mostly Ds

You are engaged (or in a long term relationship with) to a really cool person who motivates you to be better

What did you get?!

@EasternShell yeah, Bruno is awesome. you must have some crazy dancing skills too.
I got Bruno and can't go wrong with that.
OOOOH Kendrick Lamar! So into that. Of course, I'd like to have more friends, but I enjoy art too! Really fun quiz!
@nicolejb nope...I'm so old school slow jams swaying from side to side lol but I like a good party and going glam.
@TessStevens I can totally see you be a Kendrick type.... always into your writing and music XD