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Just have to drop a note to those that have been reading my fan fiction, "How to Choose" - a big Thank You! This is the first I've ever publicly shared my writings and all of you have been so supportive, heck I'd be tickled if only 1 of you asked to be tagged. It has been fun reading your comments and reactions, I just have to remember to not read them before I write the next section so it isn't influenced lol. I will always try to be true the character that our idols show through interviews, group vlogs, etc. - however, it is all just my imagination. So as this one is coming to a close I ask... which idol should the next be about? Leave me comments on who you'd like to see, who you normally don't see - I will need to do binge watching of the group. ♥ Gris
2pm there isn't many that have showed up on my feed
oohh did someone say 2pm!? Yes please :) Your stories are awesome thank you for sharing with us!
oooh bias group that could be dangerous and fun >]
Infinite or BAP!
You're asking us to vote for the next idol?! You do realize that is practically impossible :p I will be happy with whomever you choose :) you are a good writer :) I enjoy reading your stories!