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What if... Thor Lost His Powers? (Again)

It would be mighty inconvenient.

It's definitely difficult to write about a character with god-like powers. Just like Superman has kryptonite, Thor needs to be worthy in order to wield his hammer and be the all-powerful hero we love. It's happened in the comics more than once, and Thor spent a lot of his first solo movie wandering around Earth without his super-strength.

Could it happen again in the MCU?

Perhaps during Ragnarok? It's not a matter of 'what could go wrong' so much as 'how many things are definitely going to go wrong'... what do you think?
I believe it's possible for thor's will to falter after seeing loki alive again, and that could cause his worthiness to go away for awhile.
@Ain1011 I honestly think he's going to lose them in Ragnarok.
@shannonl5 haha she already messed up Mjolnir's name by calling him Meow Meow! lol she's a strange one but I like her!!
He will lose his power and another will take up the mantle
whoops hit enter too early XD anyway he's had a few movies at full strength so it wouldn't feel like a repeat
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