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New York. Flirty Scents. Love. Music.

During the height of this past lover's day, Derek Lam launched ten heart warming videos for each one of his fragrances from the 10 Crosby Fragrance Set that was released last month. If you're a fan of New York City or the scent of peony then you'll love the ever so romantic video named after the scent Hi-Fi.
Just think of New York City on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the fall. The video showcases model Hailey Benton Gates, as she allows love to find her while she rummages through Crosby Street in the city. Keep scrolling to see some amazing visuals with an amazing message created after an amazing smelling fragrance you can get your hands on here.

What do you think about the visuals?

Does the video make you want to invest?
yeah, I don't think they are bad as long as you go into it with an open mind:) @jordanhamilton oh man!! I must find that artist!!
I definitely think a lot of people have become more open minded to the idea of dating apps over the past year or so. they aren't as bad as they seem to be and I tried Shazaming the song twice, but nothing showed up :( @nicolejb I also like that song
amazing! what an interesting idea, I think sometimes opening up to the doors to dating apps can be a benefit, or people view it as you are trying to expand your horizons, but really it seems like the it can make people even picker! also who is that artist that is singing?! any clues!!
I totally agree! and what I do sometimes when I can't find the name of an artist, I google certain words that stick out in the lyrics. maybe that will work @nicolejb