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"Would you trust me to do it?"

This one is mine. It's probably the only moment in the movies she's really surprised. Which I think speaks volumes about her character. She's never shocked when she's being chased or shot at, she's not really even impressed when she discovers that she's been working for Hydra all along (she seems disappointed, but not shocked). But Steve choosing to trust her is not what she was expecting. She might have expected him to reject her, or lie. But the camera focuses in on her the second she realizes that he's telling the truth: He trusts her. She's spent her entire life telling lies and assuming that everyone else is doing the same. It's such a bittersweet scene, and I'm so glad it made it in to the final cut.
@shannonl5 yessss! my favorite scene is in AoU when she flirts with Bruce at their bar!
@Alexxe lol that was pretty rad for sure
@AshelyJewell omg yes that's such a great moment! We didn't know her much yet and that scene was sooooo good. @Alexxe yes nice one :D
my favorite scene is when she fucks with Loki. lol He was like, "did she just?" lolololololol
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