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Sometimes, you just wanna eat cake, you know?

Specifically, I want to eat cute anime inspired cakes, but you can't always get what you want, you know? Anyways, here's some cakes I would happily accept if any of you want to buy them for me :P

Marvelous Gundam F91 Helmet Cake

Totoro Cake!

Aikatsu! cake

Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Mask Cake

Death Note cake!

Sword Art Online - Asuna Inspired Cake

Pokemon cake!

Black Butler inspired cake!

Attack on Titan cake!

Love Live! - Nozomi Cake

Fairy Tail Cake!

Naruto Cake!

Ouran High Host Club Cake!

Inuyasha Cake

If you want to look at more anime food, check this post by @VoidX out over here ^-^
I bow to those who can make faces look right out of modeling chocolate or fondant!!
omg inuyasha cake
Erza would love this
that Inuyasha cake though, so awesome amd well done
I hate cake tbh, but theses cakes are awsome!! but I do wish they make an BLEACH cake
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