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Patience is a virtue, or so they say.

It takes a very special person to practice patience. Whether they're waiting for their prince charming or their dream job, patience takes a lot of sustenance. It may be difficult, but nothing worth having comes easy -- right? Do you ever think about how the moon meets the sun every evening greeting her with a kiss? Don't you think the sun anticipates the moons arrival, but because the moon has always presented himself the sun practices patience because she knows that he will show up.
We are so used to rushing things. Rushing life in general and when we go about things in that matter, it never quite works out. I mean, let's be real. Practice makes perfect. So, don't you think practicing patience will allow you to learn the art of being still and waiting. It's not always your timing. The job will come. The love will come. The happiness will come, but you need patience first and foremost. Keep scrolling to see how you can learn the true art of practicing patience.

Don't Dwell On What Is Not Yet Present

Just because something is not yet present does not mean that it won't eventually be. Appreciate what you do have and anticipate what's to come in the future without dwelling too much on the idea of what that might be.

Read A Book From Front To Back

As simple as that may sound, a lot of people start a book and never finish it. One way you can increase your patience is by starting a book and actually reading it from beginning to end. Once you are finished with that book, move on to the next book and so on and so forth. It soon becomes a process.

Live In The Moment And Truly Enjoy Life

Each day is precious, but if you're constantly worry about why something has yet to happen for you -- you will miss out on some amazing discoveries, memories and adventures. Live in the moment and bask in all your glory. A lot of people aren't blessed to see another day, take full advantage of this opportunity without dwelling on [refer back to the first step]

How do you practice patience?

Do you find it hard?
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Wood I'm telling you patience has a lot to do with mindfulness and like you said, living in the moment~ I'm still working on my mindfulness meditation!
Great tip @EasternShell! I think it's good to always practice our breathing and sometimes just sitting in silence is more than enough
Yes yes yes to this all. My mom tells me constantly that God skipped me in the patience department. I love this card! 馃挏
haha, he mustve skipped me too. I'm working on it though! Glad you enjoyed this :) @ButterflyBlu
@ButterflyBlu ahahahahaha