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I just watched the new episode of Prince of Stride: Alternative, and they're FINALLY doing something I've been waiting for: developing an enemy that I can both love and want to defeat at the same time. I suspected Saisei would be that way, but we haven't had enough chances to spend time with them so far. This episode totally changed that!
On top of that, the training was pretty fun to watch. In particular, I enjoyed watching Takeru. He got more and more expressions throughout the episode, and the end conversation with Reiji really gave the idea that there is a whole lot more to Takeru than we have been able to learn so far.
AND there's definitely some back story between he - Yagami and Nana! I was worried for a minute that they were going to try to develop some sort of romantic plot with Nana (which would have felt a little forced, maybe) but instead we got to see that Takeru remembers them from a past time in life, though Nana & Yagami seem not to remember.
ANYWAYS: what I'm looking forward to most is probably finally meeting the other Yagami brother next week! He goes to the school that was shown in the preview (according to the OP) which means that we might finally get some developments that we've been waiting for. Hype!!!!
I love this show