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Many people are ready for Colin Kaepernick to move on from the 49ers. His production on the field has slipped, and according to sources, his relationship with some teammates has been on a razor's edge as well for quite sometime now. ESPN commentator Ryan Clark discussed an unwritten rule that CP may have broken that struck a chord with many in the locker room.
While on ESPN recently, Ryan Clark discussed 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick reportedly dating the ex-girlfriend of former teammate Aldon Smith. Many consider dating your teammates ex-girlfriend a locker room no-no. This could've caused a riff between Colin and Aldon and or other teammates who felt strongly about this situation. These guys are football players and meet countless women each and everyday, so why choose one that has dated your friend? @Starbell808 @karencorchado @BrookieyElba @ValerieAlissaPa @Link4TW @sanazsanaz @TravisBeck @Shippudenguy21 @gatorchick96 @MatthewBoughton @MarcusJiles @BrandonMcNeil @KyleBerke @DerekGumtow @havic @Straightshooter @yaakattackk @RodneyYoung @DreJones @JonathanKerns @TravisManning @GalacticChakra @smothgreen @afxs @johnnolastname @ChristopherKenn @ChasePage @coreywriley91 @MrTenThirty @JasonNilsson @addri @ChrisStephens @AniBreo @VeronicaArtino @TomasVasquez @oct6eg10 @Darlin972 @ALEXCAMACHO @GabrielaAlvarez @strawhatblakley @Silver925 @RyanGraham96 @brolyxxrborn @martinesquivel @TiffanyPerez @PASCUASIO @ShoMoPayton @m3179035411 @EvanYannetti @RaulGamboa @in4mtoxic006 @PaulFotiadis @sanRico @BlakeKaler @lilleonz @misterE @shagnasty360 @Bobs @CheyenneHorton @TylerDurso @ChrisSantiago

Did Colin Kaepernick break an unwritten rule by dating his teammates ex-girlfriend?

like that rumor that demonte West slept with lebrons's mom...that's why he left Cleveland lmao
@bobs I actually heard that one. That whole Delonte west situation was odd.. From that to the gun issue.. Very odd lol
@evanyanetti if he changes teams or gets players around him again he will be relevant.. Media loves this guy for some reason, they pushed him hard in the past
@kyleberke I agree, I thought this was pretty foul (if this is true) of Colin. I mean these guys meet countless girls daily, no need to mess with your teammates Ex
Wait Colin Kaepernick is actually relevant right now
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