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Yes, I know it was @AlloBaber's brainchild for community people to come together and write cards leading up to Valentine's Day but as a support member I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that participated. I had no idea we have such a group of talented writers in the community.
Also, thank you to @AlloBaber for initiating it.
Now, without further ado, I would like to highlight some of the amazing things that happened during Cupid's Countdown.
When @VeronicaArtino and @InPlainSight showed us exactly what to get (or make) for our secret Valentine's Day love. Love coupons and paper flowers galore!
When @SeoInHan, @MajahnNelson, and @humairaa reminded us all that it's actually pretty awesome to be alone on Valentines Day. Bros and Gals before Valentine's amiright?!
When @Danse and @NickySerban made our mouths water with chocolaty and sweet treat goodness. And also for @VanessaSimmons for introducing me to some yummy cocktails to wash it all down. I will be using your recipes post-valentines to make something out of all my leftover chocolate...
When the professional date-night people that gave us ideas for the big day (@marshalledgar @VeronicaArtino). This picnic is basically the stuff of dreams.
When @EasternShell and @shannonl5 gave us a plethora of movies to watch on the special day. I actually did end up watching both Big Hero 6 and Silver Linings Playbook this week so thanks for that...
Thanks to all of you for sharing your awesome ideas and creating some awesome stuff to celebrate!! And double-thanks to @AlloBaber for initiating the Countdown!!

Also, Thank you to EVERYONE that engaged, and followed us along the Valentine's Day journey.

Tagging the crew ---
This was an awesome event. I liked each and every article. Thank you all! n @AlloBaber @nicolejb
it was fun and I enjoyed making the cards
It was very fun. I enjoyed reading everyone's cards. :D I look forward to more of these events.
thank you. it was fun. so what's the next holiday? st Patrick day is march 17th
@EasternShell haha the last time I celebrated St Patty's day my bf at the time got a really bad migraine (they always send him to the hospital) so I ended up in the ER with him all night while the meds they gave him basically left him tripping XD
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