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OK so I'm a B2uty and sincerely can barely find any interesting cards on my band. Are all the B2uties busy with life? can we get some MORE BEAST? I like bts and bap too but come on people I need some entertainment with Beast.
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My sentiments exactly ... Please tag me with anything concerning Beast as a whole or any of the members :)
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@AimeeH I would be very thankful to be tagged anything concerning Beast or anything with/ about any of the members d(^¿^)b
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@robertakm64 yeas! I have an appointment here in an hour or so, so after I will be uploading! I have so many Beast, so my cards will extend for days!! I'll be sure to tag you!!
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@AimmeeH check out my Beast 30 day challenge (unless you already have) I think you'll enjoy it. Please tell me what you think of it ... I would love the feedback ~ Have a great day :)
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@robertakm64 Oh I will most definitely! Beast was the first group I listened to and fell in love with! :) Thank you So much! You have a great day too!!
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