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Barry Bonds is about to enter a new stage in his baseball career.
This past off-season, it was announced the Barry Bonds will become a hitting coach for the Miami Marlins. This is the beginning of his coaching career, and could begin the healing process for many critics who questioned whether his game was tainted or not.
With a high level of success, Bonds has the resume to move up fast, but is that what everyone truly wants?
It's hard for many to leave things in the past, but Bonds is doing everything in his power to rewrite the ending of his story a bit cleaner.
The Marlins have struggled hitting, and his vision and style could help turn this team around. If so, should his hard work not be rewarded with a promotion?

Do you think Barry Bonds will ever become a head coach in the MLB?

He's still a legend
I mean Mark McGuire is a coach...why not give Barry a chance? The younger players could definitely learn from his mistakes and he can teach them not to go through the same thing he has gone through!