There's a few out there that don't know this group so I decided to fangirl along with me Before I got heavily into the idol groups I was non stop listening to FT Island And CNBlue
F.T. Island short for Five Treasure Island, is a five-member South Korean pop rock band formed by FNC Entertainment in 2007

Choi Jong Hoon

March 7, 1990 Leader Guitar Keyboard Appeared in "You're My Pet" with Jang Geun Suk Best friends with Seungri of BIG Bang That girl has guts!!!

Lee Hong Ki

March 2, 1990 Lead Singer Actor Song writer Fashion Designer His voice will literally tear at your heart strings Best known As the loveable Jeremy on "You're Beautiful" with CNBlue's Yong Hwa

Lee Jae-Jin

December 17, 1991 Bassists 2nd Vocalist Was in the Korean Version of "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL"

Song Seung- Hyun

August 21, 1992 Guitar Vocals Rap Starred as Daniel in "Jack the Ripper" Musical

Choi Min-Hwan

November 11, 1992 Drummer Sub Vocalist Lyricist Cameos in "Unstoppable Marriage" "On Air, " and "Style
Some of my favorite Songs/Mv
Bonus FT Island and 2PM
@PrettieeEmm it makes me so sad that there aren't many cards about them...they were one of my first kpop groups!
@LikeABird @resavalencia yes a few of the ppl I talk to in here has no idea who they were when I posted Jonghoon in one of my cards... so I wanted to inform them.. but JTS nice to meet other primadonnas 馃榾 @Ercurrent @gabbycheese23
@resavalencia So sad but true! :'[ They are insanely talented and it's sad to see them so underrated...
Thank you so much for doing FT ISLAND - I feel like they get overlooked way too often. Hongki was my first kpop crush and he seriously has the BEST laugh I have ever heard! Love these guys!! 馃槃
@LikeABird the first time I heard him sing I got goosebumps and I just needed to hear more
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