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Thanks to kinifi on Twitter, I got to see two people who make a lot more money than me do something that's completely nerdy and embarrassing in a room full of people. It's already horrible when you misread a friend's body language and accidentally put your fist into their high-five or maybe hug their dad instead of them because he was stretching.
If you don't know who those two people are, the one on the left is John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity, and the person on the right is Palmer Luckey, Oculus founder. Yeah, you read that right. Those are two big names in the game industry making complete fools of themselves.
I'm not embarrassed at all by their weird-terrible-handshake-hug thing, I'm actually happy there's evidence of this happening because it reminds me that these two people are still just two giant nerds who can't seem to read body language properly. And maybe that means someone like me, a giant nerd who is socially inept can maybe one day possibly make a lot more money in the future.
That's one painfully awkward hug lol
@mchlyang i can't stop watching it. it's both great and horrible
I'm glad it at least ended in some sort've contact...
This is so awkward.....