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Everyone seems to be good at Call of Duty. It doesn't matter what iteration of the game it is, just that people seem to take to the twitch-shooting nature of the games very easily. So when I come across CoD:BLOPs videos, I'm usually just like, well whatever. There are thousands upon thousands of them that showcase how they got the coolest kill.
But this one that I found this morning (which you can view below) is a different kind of good. It's a different kind of awesome. It's unbelievable. I don't understand how this person managed to get this shot off or even have the idea that this is something that they should try. I mean, who gets this idea in their head and then thinks, yeah, that would be a good thing to try next time I play.
While I was watching the video, I had no idea what it was leading up to and honestly I was hoping it was another one of those videos that had a pretty cool intro just lead me into a fail at the end. But, nope! He spins around this silo a bunch of times in order to get the height he (or she, actually) needs to get a good shot and as they're descending they take the perfect shot and get all those little badges for killing that guy.
Now, I don't really know what those badges mean or what they do but it's cool that they all activate like that. I still can't even wrap my head around how they pulled this shot off. So, while you guys watch the video you can assume I'm just watching it on loop just so I can understand it a little bit.
What did you guys think about the video though? Have any of you pulled off something like this while you were gaming online?
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Meh. It's amazing HERE, but I've seen FPS parkour tricks in Titanfall trailers. It looks pretty awesome.
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I'd say that's a lucky shot
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I doubt that was planned. Although, when you succeed a trick shot on luck, you can keep trying it to make it happen again. sweet shot though. and yeah in Blops3 your character can wall run and jump, so you can do it several times in a row like that. I haven't played it, but it's mechanics seem on point, tight, and twitch savvy making stuff like that happen a lot more often. I haven't played much online, but I started playing Destiny again, and making cool shots are numerous in that one.
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@SAMURXAI I can't even remember the times I've made a shot that was an ounce of cool like this one is... All my cool stories about gaming come from saving a buddy as a sniper at the last second
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Based on one of those badges, apparently that shot was a collateral too, dang!
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