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Anime crushes day 4: Rin okumura
Still accepting requests for anime crushes*** Rin Okumura aka the son of Satan is from AO no exorcist/Blue exorcist. He's the older twin of Yukio Okumura and is in training to become an exorcist. He's kindhearted and very protective/supportive of others. He has strong emotions which leads to him fighting constantly and understanding others. He's a bit immature which leads to him being considered as the younger twin. He can be very clueless n dumb at times. Rin isn't into studying or school due to this he refused to go to highschool at first. He loves cooking n is amazing at it. Enjoy the adorableness!
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that last one caught me off guard *massive nosebleed* excuse I got a puddle of blood to clean up before my mom yells at me for nosebleeding
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@LtheKid8 (mine! 😜)
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@MadLikeHatter same here
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