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^^Actually I would probably just not say anything. They probably tired and don't wanna talk...But if he talks first..I might try and talk back to him...
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I'd politely tell them that I love their music and to enjoy their flight. Then I'd put on my ear buds and like @kpopandkimchi I would then internally scream for 5 hours. I'd also be praying they'd want to talk to me.
idk but i laughed at that for way to long...
I would fall asleep because knowing me, I was too excited to sleep the night before. I wouldn't be surprised if I was sleeping on him. I'm a horizontal sleeper I don't do vertical.
this is how I started my fanfic lol sleeping on chanyeol and Kris on me. kekekke
I would most likely stare at him for the first 20 minutes then put on my ear phones and start listening to exo at full volume in hopes he'll hear it... But I would try to talk I'm pretty sure if I did I would start to cry. Plus my Korea sucks when I'm nervous...