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Dare To Be On Sleek And On Fleek With Me Challenge

I'm a few days behind, but better late than never.

The ever so gorgeous and fleeky @mscocoasupreme tagged me in her divalicious 'fleek moments' challenge.
You can see her original card [here].
All you have to do is post a picture(s) of you 'on fleek'.
and anyone I may have forgotten, join in on the fun!
yessss! you have a pair too :) and yes, comfort is a must when it comes to beauty, you def have to be comfortable with yourself @mscocoasupreme
@marshalledgar I think Jordan might be my soul cosmetic mate, just so happen we like beauty and comfort. lol. a seatbelt tho. he he he.
@jordanhamilton lol, I love my overalls...
You look fantastic. That shade of pink lipstick looks great. Is that a jumper? I'm so curious?
@jordanhamilton I tagged my infamous overall look on the original. The truth is there is nothing new under the sun. trends, even ultimate FAILS become trends. Makes me wonder how my daughter style will be when she's our age. hmmmm. lol
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