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Everytime I see the name Mark twain I say Mark Tuan...sorry if that's spelled wrong I just woke up...but that's how you know you pop trash...I mean they look nothing alike
when im in math and my teacher says solve for f(x) I turn to my friend that know I like Kpop and say "you can't solve fx...that's a lie you take 5 and subtract 1 so its four" then she just looks at me and tells me to do the actual work
so this one didn't haven to me but it happened to my brother (a new Kpop fan) at his school.he was sitting in class and his teacher started to play bang bang bang and then everyone in his class that he seen later had it stuck in their head.
Kpop in school Kpop in public Kpop everywere sorry if this is bad im new at making these...but thanks for looking at them Saranghae~ ❤
this girl had a shirt on that said 'xoxo' so then I started singing 'xoxo by exo'
You are doing the Lord's work lol keep spreading that kpop fever hahahahhaa
@kpopandkimchi I so will loll in just glad that I have pop whole lunch table listens to kpop so we are always having fun at lunch talking about everything new in the kpop word