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We want everything to be easy going. But it's never that simple. The great scientists, authors, poets, designers, and inventors of the world wanted to reduce simplicity. Today, we live in an affluent world cluttered with extraneous content and rules in order to gain balance. Many people, mostly young adults, have no choice but to make a virtue of necessity, living as much as possible because they have to. They want to. For simplicity serves as a rebuke to the gross inequalities of the current generation. The idea behind making things simple is to be strengthened by others and the implicitly of craftsmanship, practice, and mastery, doing things carefully and in the right way. It's also the heart of the political and social system. When we seek quiet, clear life, we seek to reach an option that is the best for us, as well as seeking self-acceptance and embracing our distinct narrative. My writing, which is how I seek to make any sense of meaning in my life and contribution, is a practice in making my own life happy; how I compose it in daily life, and onto others who are also trying to find their way into personal and professional tasks. Yet, I think of simplicity as a luxury since it withdraws the social or civic life and measure it into a form of selfishness (Youtube channels, musicians, ect.). Relationships also cannot be simple. The real thing to seek instead of relying on simplicity so much is sufficiency: Knowing that you have enough to actually make your life worth living.