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More info here!^^ LEE MIN HO First Special Album MY EVERY THING" It will be released at last! This album was made ​​in the sense that meet the encouragement of fans, in addition to recording songs of all seven songs and Korea original jacket. For those of FC member, you can have Lee Min Ho premium card with gift! I will present the (74cm X 52cm) Korean Version original poster as purchaser benefits and more! Starting of May, Lee Min Ho to hold a World Tour in Yokohama Osaka, on the 7th of June.It is sure to be enthusiastic fans all over the world along with the new song! Please expect Korean Version New album "LEE MIN HO First Special Album MY EVERY THING!" ※ Special DVD video contents in Lee Min Ho ※ - The close contact with one day of Lee Min Ho, which declined to album - Impressions of the album, such as the episode in preparation - Exclusive premiere! Special Album commentary of Lee Min Ho [About the differences between Japanese edition] • The contents is different from the Japanese record in both photo booklet recording, DVD recording video and jacket. • For recording music, Japanese music is not been recorded. (Please wait for the guidance of detailed recording music) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm sorry if it has wrong grammar. :)) But, I think this would be helpful to all Minoz out there especially Minoz Japan.
@ameliasantos10 It is because it's summer. I'm always online, but when class starts.. I can't update you like this anymore. But, I'll try my best to keep you posted though. :)) THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ^^
@TheROYalJulia you're catching up really well! Thanks for all the wonderful posts love! <3 Minoz here are getting more and more everyday! fighting! ^^
@ameliasantos10 :) thank you. But you're better than me, unni. You've started in here earlier than me. ^^
you @royaljulia ! are the best! <3