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This was requested by one of my Wattpad followers. They really wanted this imagine. So I wrote took a while, but I did it. Hope you like!!
"What did you get him for his birthday?" My best friend Minda asked over the phone as I walked to the out of my bedroom with a wrapped gift. "I got him the watch he has been wanting for the past year." I tell her. "And....are you going to tell him?" She asked, sitting up. "Yeah...I'm finally going to tell him." I nod, hoping to get a boost of confidence. "Good luck, boo." She winks. I shake my head as I headed out of the house. Hopping into my car, I drove to his house; overly eager to see him. I really had to tell him. No more stalling. I parked in front of his apartment. I hopped out of my car and headed in. Using my spare key, I unlocked the door. Walking in and closing the door behind me, I heard strange noises coming from the back of the house. Confused, I decided to follow it. The noises started to get louder. I heard feminine moans. Ah! Hell! Naw! It was coming from his bedroom. I swear it better not be what I think it is. I opened the door to see Hyungwon and my twin can fill in the blank. "WHAT IS THIS?!?" I yelled, angrily. Hyungwon and my sister jumped and looked at me. "Are-Um? What the? Then...who is..." He looked at my twin sister. "That's my sister, Ha-Eun!!" I yell. She looked away bashfully, brushing back her messy hair. "Are-Um. I had no idea." He stood up, wrapping a blanket around his waist. "No! Don't! The fact that you can't tell me apart from my sister is horrible. Did you even consider the fact that her eyes are darker, her hair is shorter, and the fact that she has freckles all over her face?!?! You can't even remember what I look like!! That is so hurtful Hyungwon. I thought you loved me!" I felt tears make their way into my eyes. "I do love you, Are-Um." He tried to save himself. "Obviously!" I say, sarcasm dripping from my every word. "And you!" I looked with disgust at my sister. She looked very guilty. "How could you do this? I thought you cared about me.....I guess not. I'm disgusted. I don't want to have anything to do with either of you." I growled. I heard Hyungwon zipped up his pants, he ran a hand through his hair. "Wait!" I heard him yell as I turn to run out of the house. He follows me. When I was about to open the door, he grabs my wrist. I rip my away. "Don't FUCKING touch me!" I cursed for the first time. He looked as shocked as I was. "Are-Um?" He muttered. "Don't! Just...leave me alone. Okay? I'm done. It's over between us. I can't do this anymore." I sigh. "But....I said I'm sorry." He mumbles. " 'Sorry' is not going to excuse the fact that you fucked my sister, Hyungwon." I open the door  ready to walk out. I remembered and took his gift out of my pocket. "And....happy anniversary, asshole." I threw the small box at him as I walked out, slamming the door. I walked in the cold air to my car. I got in my car and closed the door. Sticking the keys in the ignition to start the heat, I started sobbing. My heart huts so much. I placed a gentle hand on my stomach. We will be okay....we will be okay. --Two Months Later-- HYUNGWON'S POV: It has been two months since Are-Um broke up with me. It has been the worst two months of my life. Not being able to call her when I want to, not being able to hold her in my arms or wake up to her beautiful face in the mornings after she has slept over. I just felt so empty inside. Why was I so stupid? I have tried to call her but she never answers. I tried texting but she never replied. I would see her on the street but whenever I would try to talk to her, she would get lost in the crowd. It was driving me insane. --Three Years Later-- ARE-UM'S POV: Seungun is growing more and more everyday. Sometimes he is too much to handle but I love him so much. He is my little boy. "Seungun, it's breakfast time." I called. I heard the sound of little feet running into the kitchen. "Eomma~!" His little voice yelled. "Yah! No yelling." I kneeled in front of him and booped his nose. He giggled and walked over to the table. I took his plate and placed it in front of him. He started eating happily. I sighed....he looked so much like his father. He had his eyes and lips. It was uncanny. It drove me mad but...I still loved my little Seungun. "Honey~ I'm home~" I heard a familiar voice call. I couldn't help but laugh. I stood up and walked into the living room, I looked to see my best guy friend, Hoseok walking in. He took off his shoes. "Hey, Hoseok. How are you?" I asked, leaning in the door frame. "I'm good. Where is the little one?" He looked around. "Hoseok-hyung!!" Seungun ran from behind me into his arms. "Hey Seungun! How are you?" Hoseok laughed.  "Good~!" He smiled...their smiles were the same too. "Aren't you heading to the studio today?" I asked him. "No. Not today. and I could take Seungun to the park today?" He asked. "You wanna go to the park, Seungun-sshi?" He nodded vigorously. "What you say, Are-Um?" Hoseok and Seungun both looked at me. "Okay. Just let me get my purse." I turn around to walk into my room. I heard them cheer from the living room. Ugh! They're too much. - -Later That Morning-- "Seungun, be careful, sweetie." I yelled at my son as he ran off to play. "Yes, eomma!" He yelled back to me. Hoseok and I walked over to a nearby bench and sat down next to each other. "So how have you guys been?" He asked me. "We've been good. He's been growing every day. It's amazing. He eats so much now~!" I laugh. He laughs with me. "How are you?" He asks, his expression becoming solemn. I knew what he was hinting at. "I'm okay." I place my hand on his knee, hoping that would convince him that I'm okay. He tenses under my hand and laughs nervously. I squint my eyes. "Are you okay?" I asked, lifting an eyebrow. "Y-yeah. I'm good." He sighs. "I'm just happy you're okay." He pulls me into a hug. I giggle and smile; hugging him back. "Eomma, Hoseok-hyung!" Seungun hugged the both of us as we were hugging eachother. "Group hug, group hug!" I laughed and looked down at him. Hoseok picked Seungun up and pulled him into the hug. I laughed as Seungun giggled hysterically. I loved seeing him so happy. I couldn't help but smile. HYUNGWON'S POV: "Dude, you need get out of the house!" I heard Jooheon yell from the kitchen. "Ahh, shut up Jooheon..." I muttered, under my breath. "Hyung......" I heard a light knock on my door. I sighed. "Come in." The door opened slightly. Changkyun hesitantly walks in. He closes the door behind him and sits on the bunk next to me. " have to get out of the house...get some fresh air. Maybe go for a walk. Just staying in here isn't good for your health. Our Monbebes worry about you." He tried to convince me. I looked at him. "She is fine...okay? You should move on. I know you loved her. But, maybe it wasn't meant to be?" He tries. I nod. "Okay, why not? For you guys." I say, getting up and putting on my sneakers. I headed out the door and adjusted my sunglasses to make sure no one recognized me. I walked down the street to the community park...I heard a familiar voice. "Seungun, be careful, sweetie!" I heard her say. I looked over to see a little boy running away from....AreUm. I gasp and start to head over to her...before I heard this. "Yes, eomma!" The little boy who ran away looked so much like me. The resemblance was so scared me. Was that son? Why didn't AreUm tell me? What else have I missed out on? "So how have you guys been?" I heard Wonho's voice. "We've been good. He's been growing every day. It's amazing. He eats so much now~!" She laughs....I missed that laugh so much. Wonho laughed along with her. I saw something in his eyes that I have never seen before. It was something that must've been in my eyes when I was with "How are you?" His expression changes. "I'm okay." She places her hands on his knee. He tenses. I knew it. He liked her. "Are you okay?" She asks him. She must've felt it too. "Y-yeah. I'm good." He sighs. "I'm just happy you're okay." He pulls her into a hug. I feel my heart constrict as they embrace each other. It hurt to watch. "Eomma, Hoseok-hyung!" The little boy hugged them both as they were hugging eachother. "Group hug, group hug!" I felt a tear slip down my face.  Wonho picked him up and pulled him into the hug. She laughed as the little boy giggled alot. I loved seeing her so happy. But...why does this hurt so much?
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