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Just a Slice of What I Did on Valentine's Day...
This isn't actually a picture of me, but it might as well be! What you all didn't know is that I was also watching movies like the Hunger Games and Life of Pi.
I'm also imagining that @SeoInHan, @MajahnNelson, and @humairaa's day also looked very similar. (though switch out pizza with preferred food)
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@nicolejb sounds good to me :D
2 years agoReply
This is the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day tbh.
2 years agoReply
@nicolejb lol I need that hoodie. And yeah pretty much what my Valentine's Day looked like but with those wings 馃榿
2 years agoReply
@MajahnNelson I know I'm still jealous of your wing-making skills
2 years agoReply
very 'pun'ny! this is my life!!!
2 years agoReply