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Here's a fact: everyone loved Mad Max: Fury Road. It's a super engaging action movie with strong female characters and Tom Hardy and the whole thing is basically an awesome car chase. But you know one thing I was thinking while I watched the movie for the 7th time?

I wonder where I can get that mask Max has on his face.

That's right. It's an extremely fashionable mask and everyone who sees me in it would be like, "That's such a totally cool blood-bag!" and I'd look at them and grunt! That's what life's about. Being a completely adequate blood-bag and grunting.
The folks over at DIY Prop Shop answered my prayers with this short video on how to make my own flimsy little mask like the one Max has when he's strapped to the front of a car.
It doesn't seem like that hard of a process so I'd probably end up making it one day. And to be completely honest, it might be fun to try out if I ever want to slap together a quick Cosplay of Mad Max so I have something to wear to my step-sisters wedding.
No, no, she's not having a themed wedding or anything. I just hate her guts and want to show up looking dirty and insane like Mad Max does. It'd be a fun little experiment to see how much distance I can force between me and my step-family. It's not that I don't love them or anything, I just think they think that they're better than me.

And you know what Pete, you're not better than me. You're the same as me. You jerk.

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