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Big Bang's Maknae knows quite alot ....
Especially when it comes to his hyungs...
There's no question about it he knows everything about his EVERYTHING♡♡
Bonus: look how shocked GD is.....yes Seungri is quite impressive isn't he♡
I expect nothing less from the greatest maknae, Seungri is the best♡ ~(^.^)~
"nothing happened when you were seven" LMAO
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where is this from??? and I'm that way with my group of friends. always know what some of the others dont 😎😂 lol just kidding
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@Isolate It's from when Big BANG went to Japan on "Sakigake"
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@KwonOfAKind thank you so much c:
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I just want to say, that I loooove watching this.
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